It was about a year ago now that I went up to see my friend Geri up in Queensland. Geri is an amazing mixed media artist who uses the most vibrant colours in her work.Her paintings make my brain happy with all the lovely yellow, pink, and red combinations. You can see her on Facebook and Society 6.

Geri and I met in Paris when we both went on the same art retreat with Jane Davenport. I really wanted to go to Versailles and Geri said she would go with me so we had an action packed day of waiting on the wrong platform for the train, eating baguette from a busy cafe near the Versailles train station, lining up for hours in the rain (if it hadn’t of been for Geri’s optimism and encouragement I think I would’ve given up and been eternally disappointed with myself) and then running around the palace of Queen Marie Antoinette jostling other tourists because we had to make it back by 5PM  for the surprise opening event of Jane’s retreat (that’s another blog post)! Here’s a couple of photos from inside the Palace including Queen AM’s bed chamber.

Not as elaborate but still just as beautiful is Jane and Angus’ place in Byron where Geri and I drove down to see our gorgeous friends. Here is the view from Jane’s balcony.

We drank some wine and Angus made dinner , he is such a good cook and we did some art together but we were all a bit tired and it wasn’t until the next day that Jane invited us to her studio and we had a play with her art materials. I remember I tried the Gansei Tambi watercolour paints from Japan and some of the Neptune watercolour brushes. Jane has some really big thirsty brushes that I enjoyed trying.

Here is my girl from that art play date and I got her out again the other day because as I was finishing off Jane’s Beautiful Faces course and enjoying the videos, I realised that our art play date has been forever captured on film and isn’t that glorious. What a great memory and whenever I feel like it I can go and watch the video of our hands painting along together.

Generous and genuinely lovely people are a joy to be with. Thank you Jane, Angus and Geri for being you!