One of the best things so far about the mixed media online art world I have joined up with is meeting my friends in real life. Sarah is a wonderful artist and illustrator who lives in Melbourne and we did a class together with Jane Davenport called Mermaid Circus and when she came to Adelaide we took the opportunity to hang out at a cafe and get to know each other a bit more.

My friend Jacinta who I also met through Mermaid Circus came as well and we had a look through each others journals. It was a great morning.

Another time I took Rohan to Melbourne to visit family and we got together with Sarah and went on an Urban art hunt. Here is a photo of Sarah finding something she likes up high on a building. Melbourne has some great street art.

Most recently there was family wedding and I popped over for a few days for that (had a great time) and took the opportunity to visit the National Gallery and see the Warhol/Wei Wei exhibition. Maybe that’s where my cat obsession started!?

It was a really good exhibition because I had not seen Andy Warhol art except in books and I did know he had been an illustrator before branching out into Pop Art so it was really lovely to see his hand drawn pictures of shoes and cats with funny little notes he had written next to them. I had a moment of connection when I realised that a lot of illustrators write themselves little notes next to drawings!

Surprisingly, I also enjoyed seeing his originals such as the Campbell Soup paintings and there were only a few but they made an impact, Sarah has been lucky enough to travel to the US and see a whole wall of Campbell Soup art! We also viewed the iconic Marilyn Monroes and Elizabeth Taylors amongst other pieces of art and some photos that he had taken of people who visited the Factory. I especially loved the Liza Minelli in her red cape.

His flower series captivated me at the exhibition and I learnt that he had an assistant who hand coloured them for him.

I love it when I discover an artist and become involved with their work and ideas and have an appreciation for who they are as a person and an artist and thisĀ is the case with Ai Wei Wei who also featured in the exhibition and who I am now following on Instagram.

I love his work! I especially love artists who draw and I read Ai Wei Wei learnt to draw as a child of 7 or 8 with a teacher who forbade him to use pencil. He had to use ink and as you can see above, his mastery of buildings drawn in ink is second to none.

Back on the home front, Sarah visited Adelaide recently and we had a day or two playing with paint in our journals. It is always lovely to spend time with her creating!