Author: Jane Carlisle

Oh! And Did I Tell You I Went To Paris?

See what happens when you make a wish at your art teachers house the year before and start saving money just in case and check your email late one night before going to bed to see the post she has just mailed with the encouragement to be first in first served to accompany the marvellous Jane Davenport  to the City of Love with a bunch of other women artists! It’s surprisingly easy to get on a plane and leave home and hearth for new adventures! Why didn’t I do it sooner? I think I have always been scared of travelling and I needed a...

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Uh Oh

It’s my sister’s birthday in a couple of weeks. It’s a milestone birthday, a big one, around the half century mark. My first thought when I realise this is UH-OH I’m getting old! So I think what can I get her for her birthday? Something that instantly lets her know how much she means to me and how much I love her, something that will see her through the next half century so that we can be old and beautiful together sitting on the porch drinking cups of tea and cackling away. I miss cackling, need to do more...

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I’m Out of the Book Trisha

Feeling brave, exhilarated and startled all at the same time. I have 8 of my original paintings in Swedish Tarts cafe on display for a couple of months. The lovelies Sophie and Sophia gave the go ahead to get organised and so I took some of my favourites out of my journal and put them into the frames and onto the wall. I know not all of you can get to the cafe to see them so I have a plan to take a video and post it next week. But if you can jump on a plane for a...

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