WARNING – this post contains graphic images of tuneless singing to Australian Crawl songs and unabashedly fan girl moments regarding James Reyne and Barry Morgan.

My sister Lesley-Ann and I are like chalk and cheese really and as we have grown older we were busy with our own lives and kind of lost connection for a while so we decided to do something about it and came up with the idea of Sister Date Nights.

Sometimes it is just a night sitting at home with the kids, one time we went out for elaborate dessert and a coffee and recently when James Reyne came to town we went to his concert.


The last time we went to see James Reyne was a long time ago and he was asking the audience to pick a song, yell it out and he’d sing it so we yelled out one of our favourites Hoochie Coochie (I always thought it was Gucci) Fiorucci Mama. He wouldn’t play it because he said he couldn’t remember the words but I’ve since found out from Youtube that he hates the song!


He didn’t seem to mind it too much on the night and I was super excited to see Barry Morgan World of Organs walk past me in the crowd and onto the stage to help out with the song,

Wouldn’t it be kind of great sometimes to be a Rockstar? Neat things would happen all the time and with company. Great things happen being an artist but sometimes it’s a wee bit lonely.

Anyway, it’s amazing how we could remember the words to the songs from years ago but I can’t remember what I go into the kitchen for sometimes!


Music has always been a big part of my life and as a teenager I went to quite a few concerts with my sister and mostly they were Australian artists. We saw INXS at Adelaide Uni O week one time (OMG Michael Hutchence. An enduring crush continues) and ACDC at Glenelg beach. Lesley bought all my concert tickets and the obligatory T-shirts as a momento so when we walked into The Gov to see James, I just had to splurge because of those memories but also because my friend Belinda and I have a special connection over the song Reckless. We went on holiday to Sydney one time and got into lots of mischief.


This one is for you Belinda xxx