Tangerine Meg

Welcome to my happy art world!

Adelaide is home to an amazing array of artists and one of my favourites is Tangerine Meg. I first heard her name when my friend Meg told me of her from visiting a fair at Port Adelaide a few years ago so the next time I went along and had a look. I heard she liked stripey socks and I love stripey socks. She paints cats with stripey, colourful rainbow socks!

Tangerine Meg is a watercolour artist and a print maker and I just love her art so when I heard she was doing a workshop recently, I jumped right in.

Workshop at Tangerine Meg's

My new friend Karen

We met up on a weekend, a small group of 5 at Flinders Street market in the city and spent the next hours creating our own special masterpieces TM style on large sheets of paper with a black permanent marker and pan watercolour paints which have some wonderfully bright colours. In the middle of this photo you can see Karen who I met on the day and have managed to catch up with her a few times since so not only did I make some art, I also made a new friend.

The technique to get started was one I have used before so I grabbed my pencil and made some scribbly marks and fairly soon I could see a womanly figure emerging and she was holding 2 eggs. As it was near to Easter at the time, I immediately thought of the Goddess Oestre and set about defining the lines and colouring her in. I felt pretty happy with my creation and I liked how she had womanly, juicy curves.

The Goddess Oestre

The Goddess Oestre

At home soon after I reached for my art journal (one of them anyway) and headed off into arty land being bold like Tangerine Meg suggests and drawing straight onto the paper with black marker letting my muse lead the way. That night she was definitely into fairy flowers and had a thing for red and pink Sennelier watercolour paints together on the page so I let her have her way and this is what came out. I added a bit of white gel pen too. I wouldn’t mind hanging out in this garden for a while, it even has a flower crown waiting for me! I’m happy to share it if you want to join me. xxx

funky flowers in pink and red

Funky flowers in pink and red

Tangerine Meg

Me and Tangerine Meg