Hello! This blog post is to tell you about a fantastic idea I have had which I am calling INKlings.

INKlings are one page stories with a character to delight and inspire anyone who enjoys light hearted fun with sometimes a moral to the tale. They bring a little bit of wonder to the day. They help our hearts stay innocent and amused and who couldn’t do with more magic as an adult and as a child?

Remember the feelings you can get when there is a surprise package or a handwritten letter instead of a bill?  My INKlings are exactly the thing to bring more happiness and anticipation to the day because of the wonderful characters and stories but also because they arrive once a month via snail mail! Yes, INKlings are delivered right to your letterbox the old fashioned way. Happy mail!

They are lovingly presented prints of the original art that you can keep and build a collection of to have in your own happy home. They are for adults and children alike, to share and enjoy and be in each others company together for as long as it takes to cuddle up and explore the magic of imagination.

So without further ado would you like to indulge your curiosity and come along with me for a sneak peek into the otherworldliness of INKlings?



Alright then, let me introduce you to The Snomorkt a shy and helpful fellow who patrols the snowy wilds of Norway helping a lost time traveller in the snow. Isn’t he the cutest kind of Yeti or Bigfoot ever?

And here he is in my art journal from a few years ago when I first had the idea.


Next up is Artemian the Aqua Dragon, he likes to ponder the nature of reality and gets very excited over a good cup of tea, the perfect piece of toast and chaos theory.  Here he is as the original sketch.


This next little fella comes from a day I spent riding a bike from Giverny to Monet’s garden when I went to Paris a few years ago with some wonderful people (you know who you are) and I can’t say it was lemonade I was drinking at the time but the rest of the story is absolutely true…. Monet’s Garden Elf. He posed for a quick sketch. At the time he was covered in mud. It had been a very rainy day! I’ve got a feeling he stretches the truth about his influence on Monet’s gardening talents but I can’t be quite sure. You will have to read the story…










And lastly (for now anyway) we have Groover. The first time he showed up in my art journal he looked rather sweet and innocent. I think that might have been because Rohan was drawing with me at the time.

It was only after a while when he felt more comfortable that he revealed his true nature.  He is the most inventive dance artist I have come across yet with a vast repertoire of moves ranging from old time tap to break dancing and beyond. He just loves to move his body and will hustle up an audience anywhere he can. As you can see by the expression on his face, he is transported to another world when he is dancing.

Happy mail is the best. Suddenly life is alive and full of love, tenderness and caring. If you would like to have some INKlings in your life, my heart to yours, check out the options below for something other than bank statements, insurance letters or bills in your loyal old letterbox.

Love Jane

INKLING Letter Details

Receive a cute snail mail story letter each month from artist/illustrator Jane Carlisle.

I create a character each month and write a story about it.  The story letters are about characters I’ve created and there will be a different story letter each month. The photos shown are examples of the kind of thing I create.

I take a copy of the story letter I’ve created and then I personalise it with your name before posting it out to you from my home town Semaphore in South Australia.  Letters are sent out on the first Monday of each month. Order now and your first letter will go out at the start of next month.

If this is a gift for someone else please let me know in the notes when you buy. I will include a note with the first letter which can include a personal message. Don’t forget to let me know your name so I can let the recipient know.

PLEASE NOTE: The letter you receive is a copy of the original, not the original art.

Postage to anywhere in the world is included in the price.