Illustrator, mixed media artist and creative heARTist

I like to think of inspirations when I want to make a start with doing some art. Things such as poetry, music, words, shapes, textures, colours, feelings, previous sketches and art works, animals, people and even other people’s art work. Inspirations can come from anywhere really and that is a great thing because it means there are endless possibilities for more art!

The other day I was looking at the art of a Facebook friend of mine and I became so captivated by her big eyed girl Acacia the Woodland Creature and her fairy girl that I decided to do one of my own.

Fairy Girl Gema C’s girl on the left and mine above

To my eye there are obvious similarities between our art because of the subject matter and the teachers we have both studied under but I think there is a definite difference in style. You can check out more of Fairy Girl Gema C’s art on facebook here.

Check her out she has some beautiful  artwork!

I was talking to another online friend of mine a few weeks ago and we both have had experiences where the art comes streaming out of the paintbrush or pencil and then you are looking at Facebook soon after and there is a painting or drawing that reminds you of the one you’ve just done! Are we a bit psychic? Do some people have the same muse? Are we copying our teachers subconsciously (there has to be an element of that for sure but can you copy a teacher you haven’t taken a class with yet)? Again I think it is probably the subject matter or colours or technique that seems familiar or is it the Universal Mind getting its message out via a number of mixed media channels?

Bunny by Laurie Caradonna (not me)!

People say there are no new ideas in art but there are definitely new ways of doing things or thinking things and they are as unique as the person who took the time to make the art. Every artist I now know puts some of their heart into their work and you can see it shining back at you from the page. The page that was once just a plain white space is now a beacon of creativity and inspiration to others.