I found this book a few years ago at my local most favourite haunt The Fisherman’s Wharf markets at Port Adelaide. The market is held in this huge shed on the waterfront and is open on a Sunday and Public holidays if you are thinking of visiting Adelaide and it has masses of fun stuff in it. You can be in there for hours looking at all the second hand goods including an amazing book store where I buy old books to make into my art journals. Don’t tell the bookstore owners though, they might get a bit upset if they knew what I did to the old books!

A girl can get lost in those markets in amongst all the old dress shops and the lace and doilies not to mention jewellry to wear and take apart to make new things (think assemblage) and lots of other types of treasures. Lots of interesting thoughts to ponder as you wander along but when I found this Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) book illustrated by Daniel Egneus I came straight home and devoured it over a cup of tea. I can’t show you the book but I can show you his video! Now I know what kind of pen he uses.

This has got to be my all time favourite version . In one picture she even has fairy wings and how I wish I had his job! Bliss! Spending a couple of weeks researching in Milan to get some ideas for the illustrations. He loves all the old illustrators I love too.

So I did my own LLRH based on Daniel Egneus influence (you can see his wolf there in the background) using my black stabilo pencil and that was a lot of fun and then the red Izinc spilled EVERYWHERE all over my desk …..

…and so instead of wasting it I mopped it up with paper in a journal and these happened! Yes I spilled a lot of ink that day. I like to think of it as a happy accident.

Totally crushing on the turquoise and red combo! LUSH. It really makes my brain pop.

I so loved the colours and the poses I had been exploring that I tried one again and that’s when this little lovely appeared. I’m thinking of recreating her as a larger painting in the future. I just love her expression. She could telll the wolf a thing or two.

I can’t really say why LLRH is a favourite story of mine. It might be the mystery and suspense. It might be that she didn’t listen to her intuition “Oh my goodness, I’m usually so glad to be at grandmother’s house, but now something feels really strange.” Now there’s surely a lesson for us all but what I’m thinking now is that fairy tales keep on evolving and I like to think she had a pair of scissors with her when she was swallowed by the Wolf.