See what happens when you make a wish at your art teachers house the year before and start saving money just in case and check your email late one night before going to bed to see the post she has just mailed with the encouragement to be first in first served to accompany the marvellous Jane Davenport  to the City of Love with a bunch of other women artists!

It’s surprisingly easy to get on a plane and leave home and hearth for new adventures! Why didn’t I do it sooner?

I think I have always been scared of travelling and I needed a BIG incentive to get up and get going and for me, the idea of mixed media art and museums and Monet’s garden and Paris took root in my soul when I first heard Jane mention it and grew from there. I am having the benefit of it for years to come.

I left my family on a Friday night in July 2014 and ended up in Paris 21 hours later. A dream come true! The first night I was there a few of us went out to dinner and it was there that I made my first commitment to myself on holiday…. EAT CAKE EVERY DAY and so I started with a creme brulee!

The next morning I was awake early and out exploring the surrounds and in the local train station is where I met Cedric. He was still out from the night before and after asking me for a cigarette and me answering  him by telling him I was married, we spent the next few hours chatting and walking ending up on the River Seine drinking a coffee.

That’s Paris for ya!

Au revoir until next time.