My 6 year old and I love drawing together and sometimes I can’t wait until he is old enough to drink coffee so we can sit in a cafe all day and sketch together. That’s getting ahead of myself a bit so we stay at home and have a hot chocolate instead.

Last week though we went to the shopping centre and he saw a book – You Can Draw – 6 books in 1, over 80 images so of course I bought it and when we get home he immediately starts drawing octopus, crabs, Superman and dolphins. No procrastination there!

So I grabbed my little sketchbook and started drawing birds from a tutorial on Instagram but Rohan’s was better. Mine looked a bit too much like the Angry Birds.



So I copied Rohan’s bird! It’s OK to ‘borrow’ from your kid isn’t it? Inspiration versus copying is what art is all about.

What I particularly liked was the position of the eye on his bird. It just made the drawing look so cute and so I turned to a new page and began to draw a whole flock of birds and the idea for that was because I’d heard many times along my art travels that it is a good idea to draw something a LOT of times, not just once and I can say that it makes things easier. I felt less precious about what was on the page and my hand and arm were in the flow of birdies.

Hey! I could use one of them for a hand drawn icon for Twitter!

Penguins was my next thought so I did round chubby ones like Oliver Jeffers does. His are way cuter though. So I did one of his too.

Having had my fill of birds by then, I decided to do something different when the cat jumped on my lap and gave me a brain wave…



Rohan was still on to birds and blew me away when he came up with this all by himself! He is already an amazing artist with his whole life ahead of him. I hope he keeps drawing with me.